Hopes and Dreams

What is the one thing you want to do or achieve that a year from now you say “Wow I am so proud of myself for finally starting this goal in my life and achieving it”? We all procrastinate and put things on the back burner waiting for a sign or for someone to come along and magically make it happen for us.  Have you achieved your goals and dreams yet? Or are you still waiting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  If you take small steps every single day toward your goal; you will eventually achieve it.  If you put a timeline on it and plan your days in order to reach your deadline at a certain time you can attain that.  So today take small steps toward achieving your goals.  WRITE IT DOWN! It can be as small as re-organizing your office space or kitchen.  Just plan, implement and achieve your goal.  Pretty soon all the big stuff will become the small stuff and your life will be so fulfilled with joy.  Make your hopes and dreams a reality; in the process you may help someone else with insight and inspiration and your story may breakthrough an obstacle that has been holding them back.

Love and inspire,



Success does not come from what you do occasionally; it comes from what you do consistently.

I started an online program last week with Marie Forleo called B School. If you are not familiar with her, she has a you tube called  “Marie TV”.  She is an entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist.  She is a very very successful woman.  Any one of us can aspire to be  her if we have the drive to do so.  The school is about this: becoming a leader in your business, your life, and most importantly, in the world. So I have started my journey through her program and thought this is a good topic to blog about.  Hope this gives you a new perspective and a push on whatever journey you are on in your life.

This is about committing to one goal.  Just one and sticking with it.  About completing a task big or small.  Whether it is less tv or starting a new exercise program or maybe you want to start up a new business.  This is about setting guidelines in your life, whether personal or business and following through with those. So today I took a look at myself and realized that my fear was in my way of executing even one plan. See I am a multi-tasker.  I have so many projects started, so many books I am reading, so so many notes in multiple journals for self help and awareness and becoming more spiritual.  Sound familiar to you? So today is day one of taking action.  Action for my life, for my well being, for my happiness.  I am already utilizing action based learning but was holding myself back from the possibilities.  So today I take action by de-clutting my office, my home, my life; a little bit at a time to bring balance and love back into alignment. Take action today for your life and watch the miracles pour in that you manifest for yourself.

Love and Light,