On The Fence


What motivates you? What does success mean to you? Are you still on the fence trying to figure yourself out? Our life flows and ebbs with our surroundings, with society, with all the social media that consumes our day.  STOP!

Get off the fence and stop following everyone else.  BE YOU!  Set your intentions and awaken your own creativity.  God made you in your own unique way for your own purpose. Your own motivation brings you success.  Your success brings you motivation.  Achievement further spurs you on.  Start now by setting achievable goals for yourself to help motivate you into your next goal.  Honor each goal that you have achieved.  Enjoy the process that gets you there, your worth it!  You have the power within you, bring it out and let it shine.  The world needs you!!!

Love and Light,


Hopes and Dreams

What is the one thing you want to do or achieve that a year from now you say “Wow I am so proud of myself for finally starting this goal in my life and achieving it”? We all procrastinate and put things on the back burner waiting for a sign or for someone to come along and magically make it happen for us.  Have you achieved your goals and dreams yet? Or are you still waiting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  If you take small steps every single day toward your goal; you will eventually achieve it.  If you put a timeline on it and plan your days in order to reach your deadline at a certain time you can attain that.  So today take small steps toward achieving your goals.  WRITE IT DOWN! It can be as small as re-organizing your office space or kitchen.  Just plan, implement and achieve your goal.  Pretty soon all the big stuff will become the small stuff and your life will be so fulfilled with joy.  Make your hopes and dreams a reality; in the process you may help someone else with insight and inspiration and your story may breakthrough an obstacle that has been holding them back.

Love and inspire,