Speak to Yourself

I woke up wondering how will I feel today or what shall I write about and who am I talking to.  I asked God and the Universe to guide me in my day and show me what I need to know and who do I need to speak to; who do I need to serve.  Well the answer for me is first and foremost I am speaking to myself, as only then will I speak to others; if I believe in the words I am speaking. So going through some notes and positive affirmations this spoke to me this morning. @gabbybernstein

Step 4: Access Your Power in the Service of Others
I recently heard Marianne Williamson say in a lecture, “I’ll tell you how to find your power: Use your power for someone who has none.” She nailed it! There’s no greater way to tap into your power then to be in the service of someone who has none. If you’re feeling disempowered, immediately find a way to serve. Go to a homeless shelter, mentor a child — do anything that helps you discover your power and use it in service of someone else. This radical action will instantly remind you of how powerful you really are and reinforce the essential idea that your power is best used to lift up others and serve the world.

I often find myself helping others without even realizing I am doing it. When you truly listen to others speak, you can hear their inner voice asking for your guidance. I have found so many times that when a friend asks for guidance I have all the answers and advice and am able to help guide them on their path but so many times I miss listening to my own guidance. Be still and listen.

Lift up yourself, lift up others.

Love and Light,



Happy Tuesday!

I have completed my first reading of Judgment Detox by Gabby Bernstein and journaled along the way.  I have seen myself in a new light and am free of a lot of negative judgment that was toxic to my mind, my body, my soul.  I will write about the book and how it has impacted me on my journey but this morning I am writing about forgiveness.

We often torture ourselves for making a mistake as big or as small as it is.  It could of been a poor investment decision that we can not let go of.  Or maybe we lost something precious in our lives and feel if we could go back and change the course all would be well.

What I journaled at the end of January was this.

The promise of forgiveness is freedom from the bondage of judgment and attack. “Forgive your past and accept that it was part of the journey that got you here.” Forgive every minor ego moment, shift your perception from body to spirit.  See with spiritual light. Let yourself off the hook.  I am having a human experience.

Love and light,