I was taught as a young girl how to cook gourmet foods from my mom.  She would attend cooking classes and teach my sisters and I the same love she had for cooking.  My ethnicity of being Spanish, Italian and Portuguese have given me a true love of great foods and wines shared with family and friends.  

I raised my three children with the same background of teaching them about all types of foods at a young age.  I was a beginning 4-H teacher ( an organization for young individuals teaching health, science, agriculture and citizenship) and then moved on to teaching cooking classes and preserved foods to the young 4-H children.  I became a community leader in our 4-H program and also taught in the sheep project.  I was also involved in FFA (Future, Farmers of America) once my children were older.  I have a background in the agriculture industry.  Raising sheep and cattle for a living when my children were growing up.  We practiced good animal husbandry and all of our livestock were raised on natural pastures.  We focused on the farm to fork movement; creating grass fed all natural products for consumers. I have hosted events in my home where I prepared and organized dinner parties for our local Cattlemen.  Serving 150+ members. This encompassed organizing from start to finish the appetizers, meals, set up and take down, raffles and fundraisers   I opened a Gourmet Food Store in 2011 selling our grass fed meats and gourmet cheeses, salamis, home grown chicken eggs along with products from my nationalities of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.  We served breakfast and lunch as well, my daughters and I creating the menus.  We have sold our meats to restaurants and grocery stores as well as to the local farmers markets. I am no longer directly involved with the livestock business or store but have an extensive background and knowledge of that industry.

I love exploring new restaurants, farmers markets and food stores and sharing my passion for food paired with great wines. I am a photographer of food and nature.

“A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine and Thou”

 Trust your inner guide and spirit within you. Embrace your life, enjoy the ride and always share love and light.
xo Jeanine On The Scene

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