Prayers on Memorial Day

Today is a day of prayer and peace. It is also a day where family and friends gather to celebrate the start of the summer season. In my morning research I found this:

The law reads, in part, “The President is requested to issue each year a proclamation calling on the people of the United States to observe Memorial Day by praying, according to their individual religious faith, for permanent peace [and] designating a period of time on Memorial Day during which the people may unite in prayer for a permanent peace.”

So however you enjoy your day, take a moment to pray for peace and love in our world. Let us today (and everyday) honor those who sacrificed their lives so we may live a better life. To stop our judgement of others and chose to love one another and spread love. God’s creations big and small are all blessings.

Happy Memorial Day,

Love and Light,

Jeanine on the Scene

Installing a Rev-A-Shelf in your Kitchen

I installed two different Rev-A-Shelves in my galley kitchen.  The first one is Rev-A-Shelf 15 in Chrome Blind Corner Optimizer Soft-Close.  This unit was difficult to install with a lot of moving pieces but once in I am very satisfied with the functions and ease of utilizing my blind corner.  It easily slides up out of the cabinet and then moves to the left to bring out the second set of shelves.  I even have some space in the very back that I can store things not used so often but easy to get to now.

20181206_0741393963161150411462314.jpg                              20181206_0741337744046162719500173.jpg

The second one is Rev-A-Shelf 28″ Pie-Cut Lazy Susans Shelf, Natural. This was very easy to install and will function for my other blind corner. This is smaller and does not totally utilize all the space in my cabinet but I was limited to a 12″ opening on this side so it will work better than getting lost in the abyss of a big hole.

20181206_074201391854248197702591.jpg                     20181128_15441235920025121322139.jpg

Here is a video of each one installed. Hope this helps solve some of your kitchen problems.


Love and Light,

Jeanine on the Scene

Beach day

Happy Saturday. I’m here with my girl Kelly enjoying an awesome day. Take time to talk to your tribe, to be real, be authentic, to be true. I cherish your love, your support, your friendship , your honesty; authentic you. I love you!