A Positive Attitude Toward Change

Happy Monday! The start of a new week. I have not written in awhile, feeling this block in my life. Where is life taking me? Where will I end up? What is it that I truly desire?

So I set my intentions on a new path; one that is unknown to me. Taking a leap of faith. I am studying about the Assisted Living population. I never imagined a shift of this kind but feel this strong pull to educate myself and learn. My life path has always been one of nurturing, from learning to cook at an early age, teaching young children and teens about cooking and preserving; about agriculture and sustainability, living off the land; while managing two businesses and raising a family.

Life…… What is it to you? Do you have goals but have obligations that are getting in the way? Do you wish to change the path you are on but afraid to ask yourself that question? Or feel stuck in a job, in a relationship, in a hole that is swallowing you up? Well if you are or have ever been in any of these situations, it’s called Life. Every day is a new challenge of some kind. It is a day of learning if you choose to open your eyes and heart and see it. Every day you cross someones path that needs a smile or a hug or a push to have a better day. I am blessed to live where I live. I am blessed to have so many loving people surrounding my life. I am blessed for my past and future and chose to see each day as a new beginning. Sometimes it’s hard to get going but I take on the challenge.

I realized something this morning as I looked inward to myself. If you love it enough, if your choice is to love unconditionally, to only see love; love with follow you. You and only you choose the direction you want to take. Every day learn something new. Open that door for someone, smile your brilliant smile and learn along the way. The world is open to learn every single day. The road I have chosen is a challenge; a new opportunity to help others, to continue to nurture. I was reading a post from Maria Striver’s Sunday Paper https://mariashriver.com/sundaypaper/ and she opened with a quote from Buddha and left it with a prayer:

Dear God, please help me remember to value and appreciate the life you have given me and make the most of it. Whenever I feel lost or out of control, help me come back to myself and remember that you’ve given me all I need to move forward. Amen.

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk our own path.” — Buddha

Love and Light,

Jeanine on the Scene

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I am now heading into year four of my divorce.  I would of never imagined in a million years I would get a divorce; and that it would take this long to end.  Its a very tedious road to travel, with long drawn out endless conversations on a path that leads to know where.  The end is in sight but the winners of this game, and it is a game, are not the ones who live through the hell but the ones controlling it all and making and taking our hard earned cash away.  Now having been on this rollercoaster has taught me so many things but I had another awakening this morning. See on this path that is called my life I have learned to love myself again, to look at the world and see such a beautiful planet and all of God’s creations all around me.  I am surrounded by those that love me, unconditionally and hold me up when I am down. But recently I had a call from a woman I had not spoken to in a long time.  We did not see eye to eye in the past, but our common thread in this is our children, who choose not to communicate with us. As moms you love your children unconditionally and always put them first.  I will not dwell on the whys and what ifs because I realized as I have many times before, that our path was already set for us.  The people that we meet on our paths are there at the exact time they are needed to be there. If our minds are awakened we will recognize the need and understand the reason behind the why.  So embrace those that come along your path for a brief second or another lifetime with a fresh set of eyes to awaken your future. We get one life to life, so love with passion, laugh until your gut aches, cry at a sappy movie but most of all awaken your soul and open your eyes and start living!

Love and Light,






“I am filled with abundance.  Every aspect of my life is provided for.”

I read my angel card this morning and asked the Universe what I needed to know today.  I have been working once again on trying to finalize my divorce , attorney letters etc.  You know the things that bog your mind down and can put you in a spiral.  So I went for a run along the beach, music in my ears to clear my mind and re-align my thoughts.  Once back home it was time to ask for guidance and re-alignment.  The card I chose or was chosen for me was Words of Abundance. It says this:

You have the ability to instantly manifest abundance by choosing powerfully positive words.  Always describe your own and the world’s economic situation in loving and optimistic terms, and that is what you attract for yourself and others.

What will you manifest today?

Love and Light,


Good Feelings

My February mantra is

“Feeling Good Is My Priority”

What happens when you judged someone?  How does it make you feel? Are you angry, sad, mad?  Does these feelings hold you hostage? Come back to the light, see whatever it is that you are judging and release the toxins that are controlling you.  Let go of the ego and surrender to your inner guide.  Release yourself to spirit and come back to light.

I continue to use this practice to help me with my judgments on life as it unfolds everyday.  Try it out, you may enjoy the good feelings that surround you.

Love and Light,