Feather Sightings

I was out on my paddle board this morning; the water so calm and peaceful. Not a ripple on the water other than a passing paddler or kayaker or a boat. This is my morning time for reflections of the past week, to clear my thoughts and re-center myself for the coming week. I always try to pick up trash along the way that is in the water; it is important to me to do my part to keep our waters clean for the whole of our planet.

The first thing I found was a mask, you know those white ones used for painting or to keep dust out of your lungs. So I scooped it up and put it on my board. The second thing I found was a small yellow monkey, a child’s toy or maybe used for a pet to throw out and retrieve because it squeaks. The third thing I picked up was a small travel size bottle of talcum powder. These were all symbols for me to see and analyze and they have clear meaning for me. I am journaling about this but that story is for another time. The thing that intrigued me this morning was the amount of feathers I saw floating on the water. Every 10 feet or so was a feather. I stopped a few times just to watch them float gently on top of the water wondering which bird they came from. So when I got back and cleaned up my board I came in to research the meaning of seeing feathers. Here is what I found.

Angels & Feathers

I found white feathers and grey feathers.

WHITE: The most common feather found and sent to us by our angels. The white feather is thought to be a sign of faith and protection. A white feather can also be your angel telling you that your loved ones in heaven are safe and well. That they are watching out for you and encourage you to live your life to the fullest. They are sending you a reminder to keep your faith and stay strong.

GREY: Grey feathers can symbolize peace as well as neutrality. A grey feather in your path can be your angels trying to tell you that the answer to a certain situation my not be as straightforward as a yes or no. A grey feather can be a reassurance that the road ahead is much more positive than the one you left behind. The feather won’t undo the past nor will it erase bad memories, but it could help to ease your pain and suffering. The grey feather could be trying to tell you that everything will be okay. “It might not seem like it at the moment but you’re a strong person and you will survive this. Make yourself and those you love proud by holding your head up high and carrying on with life as best you can. Eventually you’ll feel like a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you’ll start to feel joy again. Things will get better and these negative thoughts won’t last forever.” https://www.wishingmoon.com/what-do-grey-feathers-mean/

The grey feather resonated with me so much in so many ways. It also says to think carefully before making big decisions and to make peace with those you may have fallen out with. Wow what a great morning! I wish you all peace and love and feathers along your path.

Love and Light,

Jeanine on the Scene

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