Shade Your Yard With Sail Shades

I was looking for a different approach to shading my back patio. One that was efficient, somewhat portable and reasonably priced. So I started doing research on products and found these sail shades. They are inexpensive, create a nice visual pattern in your yard and create shade!

I used two 8 x 8 sail shades and one 10 x 10 sail shade for the middle. I used clothes line with eye hooks to attach to the pole and side of the house. The line is easy to tighten or remove using the tension screws. Works well for putting up and taking down in the backyard.

It took a bit of time to get the sails in place and aligned to create the visual effect I was looking for. I had someone help me with this and 3 people helps both visually and labor wise. You will need to adjust the sails from end to end so that they are taut and symetrical. I purchased the kit and sails from Amazon. You can go to Home Depot as well but make sure to get marine grade stainless steel to prevent rust.

overhead image of sail shades using a crossover pattern.
View from under the shades. I added solar lighting and a candelabra with battered operated candles for more ambient lighting
To finish off your project add solar lighting and curtains. The tie backs add beach flare.

Everything you need to create your backyard paradise for under $450.00. Compare to a permanent pergola ($6,000.00) or retractable structure ($700+ labor).

Happy DIY!

Love and Light,

Jeanine on the Scene

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