Moms are Special

Today is a day to celebrate Mom’s all around the world. It is a tough job at times and very rewarding other times. When you first realize you are pregnant; your job begins. You wonder what your baby will look like. Will he/she have blue eyes or brown. Will they look like me or their dad. What will they be when they grow up. If you are blessed with carrying a child in your womb; you feel the first flutters of movement and your heart fills with joy. This creation from God, loved the moment it is conceived.

For other ladies that are unable to conceive but adopt; the role is still being a mom and being a mom to a precious child so they may grow up in a loving environment and nurtured with love and hopes and dreams for their children.

Mom is a hard job but very rewarding as well. Forever and ever you will have that job as a mom. You never ever stop being a mom. It is a beautiful day but also a very hard day for me. I am the mom of three beautiful children. They are currently not in my life but one day they will be again, that I trust in God.

Happy Mothers Day. Share a smile and cheers to all.

Love and Light,

Jeanine on the Scene

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