Sweet Potato Bites

I had a left over sweet potato and thought what can I do for lunch with this. Well I decided to make little appetizer bites. I had left over tuna, a good avocado and some yellow bell pepper and wallah quick and easy snack, appetizer or lunch. It’s that simple.

I sliced the already cooked sweet potato into thin slices. You can do this with an uncooked potato as well; this version makes for a quick appetizer if you have guests coming over or just want a quick pick me up snack in the afternoon. Drizzle a sheet pan with olive oil and place the sliced potatoes down, drizzle with a little more olive oil salt and pepper and broil , turning once until golden on both sides.

Once broiled top with tuna, avocado, bell pepper and cream cheese. Done. Bite sized yummy. I have three different versions for you to try. All easy to do to create a variety for you and your guests.


Love and light

Jeanine on the Scene

My Galley Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is a central hub where we gather to eat, to share stories over a glass of wine, or to COOK! One of my passions is cooking. The kitchen was the most important room in the house for me. I gathered information from magazines, other home remodels, Pinterest and the world wide web. I am a researcher and want to make sure I am getting the most out of my money. Here are my before and afters and some suggestions on how to be successful with your remodel.

When I purchased the house one of my first thoughts was how can I add space for counters and storage and make it a functioning kitchen. So my plan was to move the refrigerator out into a new cabinet; move the sink to the right and install a new full size dishwasher. The existing dishwasher was apartment size, just too small for me. I also removed the range and installed a built in oven and separate cooktop, removed the overhead large microwave and install a vented hood with lighting.

Important*** – When your contractor is framing and all the wiring is taking place; take pictures and mark where junction boxes are; where plumbing is. All those things that will be hidden once the sheet rock gets installed so if ever you have an issue you know where it is and are not opening up a whole wall. *Tip from my Professor. Things were starting to take shape now and my vision was starting to come together. I decided to add a slide out shelf in the pantry for a small microwave; put a pull out for garbage where the bottom storage cabinet was originally and put rev-a-shelf lazy susan in the side cabinets next to the oven (see home remodel for those). By moving the refrigerator out and into its own cabinet I was able to add much needed countertops and make the kitchen look larger.

Moving the refrigerator gave me under cabinet storage for pots and pans. In this small space it can be very tricky but I was able to utilize every inch and also make the space seem larger.


Happy Kitchen remodel!

Love and Light,

Jeanine on the Scene