Short Ribs for fall cooking

Even though I live in Southern CA where the temperatures stay moderate; it is fall now and I love to slow cook comfort foods.  My neighbors just had a baby girl, Remington so I decided to look at my Giada’s Italy: My Recipes for La Dolce Vita cookbook and found this simple recipe that will fill your whole house with delicious scents.  My neighbors down the street came over, smelling the delicious aromas and wondered what I was cooking today.  Short ribs need slow cooking to break down the meat but they are meaty and an inexpensive cut of beef.


Drench short ribs in flour, salt and pepper and brown in a dutch oven, coated with olive oil turning to brown on all sides. Once browned take out of pan and add cut up carrots, celery and onion, cooking through, scraping the pan to get all the flavors melded together.  Add  San Marzano Double Concentrated Tomato Paste a bottle of Barolo wine or any full bodied red, scraping the pans on all sides. Add Kitchen Basics All Natural Original Beef Stock, cover pot and slow cook for 2 1/2 hours or until fork tender.


I made green beans and scalloped potatoes to accompany the short ribs.


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