Galley Kitchen Organization 101

I recently started a whole house remodel. Crazy right? Anyway the kitchen is one of the most important places for me to be organized and efficient since I LOVE TO COOK. My home has a very small galley style kitchen; 8 x 7 U Shape, give or take a few inches.  I met with my contractor and am expanding one wall an extra 4 feet, adding in a much needed pantry. I am working with the existing space and started research on options for utilizing all those hidden nooks and crannies where your tupperware lids disappear never to be seen again.  Challenge on for me!  I love to research and find new products and ideas.  I drew out my kitchen on graph paper so I could visualize what each space looks like. (pretty easy to do once you measure your space ). There are lots of apps out today for you to play with designs using 3-d imaging etc but you have to purchase the cabinets from them. I am utilizing the existing cabinets but re-facing the doors.  So one of my favorite spots to explore and store ideas is  Check out Jeanineonthescene on Pinterest to see what I am planning for my kitchen makeover.

As I explored I discovered many sites and ideas.  Here are some products I will be using and also a few sites to compare products to maximize kitchen space.  Stay tuned for updates on this project.



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Jeanine on the Scene

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