Spiced Stuffed Medjool Dates

It’s Wednesday! Cooking With @Giada’sItaly cookbook. Stuffed dates, Tuscan style.  The fun of going through this cookbook is learning new recipes; but also putting my own spin on them, creating a new variation of the recipe.  This one was super easy and made the house smell so good from the cloves and cinnamon.  They were definitely a hit at my Italy dinner party.  Please try them out at your next gathering and let me know what you think.



port wine, apple cider vinegar, whole cloves, cinnamon stick (I did not have a stick so used a tsp. ground cinnamon), orange zest, sugar, pinch of salt.  Medjool dates, parmigano-reggiano, prosciutto di parma.

I brought all the ingredients except dates, parmigano and prosciutto to a boil.  If you use prunes which are heartier you can soak them in the cooled liquid.  I used pitted dates which are softer so mixed them gently in the liquid and poured over the top instead of soaking.  I used shredded cheese to stuff the dates as I did not have a chunk of cheese.  Always good to have on hand for soups and stews as well as appetizers and anything Italian.  You can use the rind in soups.  So stuffed the dates and wrapped them with the prosciutto and baked them in the oven until the prosciutto is crispy.  Cool and toothpick for a yummy bite sized appetizer.



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