Day of Leisure in Italy

Today was a day to relax, no scheduled trips or tours. We decided to go to the beach even though everyone said it was supposed to rain. We headed to the Ionian sea where the water is crystal clear and light blue. You can walk and walk out into the water and it stays about waste deep. The warmth of the water and salt coating your skin feels like a warm blanket.

After lunch we head back to our Masseira where we are treated to a private tour that takes us under the road to ancient roads uncovered that were built in Roman times. A tower stands, that has been rebuilt from stones collected as it once stood, holding carrier pidgeons, where there eggs were collected. They also used there feces for fertilizing the olive orchards. I imagine myself in those times, the hard labor, the stones set by hand and the intricate and precise work done without current and modern tools.

We dine tonight on rabbit and lamb created by the chef and watch the thunder and lightening in the skies.

Another blessed day in Puglia.

Love and light,

Jeanine on the scene

2 thoughts on “Day of Leisure in Italy

  1. Adrienne Salyer

    The description and pictures of you and your experience are just dreamy!! Except not a dream. I’m packin’ a bag……Beautiful picture of you on the sand.

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