Tuscany Farewell onto Bari

Day 6:

This is the final morning for my Backroads active hiking and culinary adventures. Although I could do one final hike to the hilltop town of Bagno Vignoni; with its hot springs and 12th century castle and tower; I decide to save my energy for the 2nd part of my Italian vacation. Alitalia has gone on strike so I am diverted to a long day of travel on the train from Florence to Rome to Bari. I look around in Florence a grab a bite to eat, then head to the train station to wait for my train to arrive, read and people watch.

Heres what happens when you travel. S..T happens, right! So the train pulls up and someone had smoked in the bathroom so my compartment had the sprinklers going off. Twenty minutes late we leave and I anticipate not making my second train. What to do. So put it in Gods hands and said a prayer. Arrive in Rome and my transfer is in front of me , thank you!! Arrive in Bari and driver picks me and finally After a full day of travel I arrive safe and am ready for a shower and a soft pillow to lay my head. Just a day in my adventures. I meet up with my sister Lisa, niece Ali and family friend Natalie for the coastal second half of my trip; active food adventures in the region of Puglia by http://www.ItalyinStyletravel.com.

Love and Light,

Jeanine on the Scene

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