Five Great Free Things to Do For Your Mom This Mothers Day

What do you get your mom on Mothers Day?  Do you order her flowers? Or grab that special card that says “thanks for all you do”?  Or maybe you Book a special spot for brunch?  These are all great ideas but what if:

For the new moms out there; you offer up to watch the little one for a few hours while she catches up on must needed rest.

For the moms with children grammar school age; offer to take them to the park while you have someone clean house or DO some laundry.

For the moms with junior high children; give mom her own spa day at home. Have someone help set up a station for a mani/pedi and get the kids involved.  Of course there will need to be some adult supervision but what a great way for mom to spend time with the kids while relaxing.

For the moms with high school teenagers; this can be tricky as the kids just want to spend time with their friends.  Have them make mom a special breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Have them create a menu for mom, set the table and treat her like she is at a fine dining restaurant.  (make sure someone is available for the clean up too!)

For the moms with adult children; moms just want to spend QUALITY TIME and we know that once you are out of the nest on your own things go in all directions.  If there are multiple siblings and you can not all get together, pick separate times to visit or call so she gets your undivided attention all day.

These are so simple and easy and really make mom happy because you have thought of something unique to make her day special.  Don’t get me wrong the flowers and cards and eating out are all extra bonuses but we just want to be acknowledged on one day for all we do for you.


love and light,

Jeanine on the Scene

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