Profit Picture

Today’s B school was focused on looking at your profit picture.  What is the best business model for your unique gifts and which product or service will be the most profitable for your business plan. Build a business based around your strengths and passions; and pass your values onto your customers. What product are you selling? Or What are customers looking for in a product you want to sell? Is there something about a product or service you have looked into and think you could make it better or that if you changed it, it would be a better product or service?  Use your creative brain power.  Refine your business model and look at what is working, making you money and bringing you joy and eliminate or modify what isn’t working.  Make projections to meet your revenue goals. Listen to your intuition.

Here are some questions that may help you to get to the core of your perfect business.  How do I help others?  How do I love to spend my time? What comes naturally that doesn’t feel like work?  Write down 10 things that come to mind then go through them and come up with a business plan based on what sticks out for you.  Find keys points and build on that.

Part two and three were on money tracking and your profit picture to fine tune which products or service are making your company money and the ones that are not. For those not working, it may be time to re-define them or get rid of them and replace it with something else.  Or maybe just focus on whats working without trying to add too much at once.

Finally what long term strategy can you put into place to make sure you are running the right business for you.  Well once again my eyes are open as I ask myself these key questions and look at what truly matters to me. How I can make the world a better place for myself, the environment and the world?  I wish you success in whatever you love doing because when you love what you are doing, its not really a job.  Just do it!

Love and light,


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