Clarity = Power

I officially started B school on 3/5/18.  The first lesson was a 23 minute video followed by questions to spur on your thoughts about what business or goal you want to start or reach and/or how to make your business more successful.  It all starts with a strong foundation.  But to get that strong foundation you have to dive into what you want and why you want it. Be crystal clear in order to reach your goals. Do not get distracted by others agendas.  What is the reason you want to create this business or goal? Do you want to be a “Force for Good” and create positive change for everyone around you and your employees?  What is your purpose, who are the people you want to reach, what product or service are you selling?  I journaled over 8 pages following this exercise to answer all these pertinent questions. It has taken me two days to digest it all and I am still a work in progress. These questions make you think not only what you are trying to achieve but looking in the mirror at yourself to find out what you really stand for.  I am getting clearer vision as I take each step. In the past I ran two successful businesses; a livestock company and a Gourmet Food Store.  I know my passion is in Food, but I also have found other passions that I want to integrate in this new business venture.  The goal with these questions is to fine tune yourself and focus on one goal at a time.  You see in the past,  I was the juggler, multi-tasking through so many hats.  I had a husband and three children to manage, a household to manage, the laundry, the yard, the car pool, the list goes on and on while managing the books for both businesses and running the store full time.  Are you exhausted and burnt out yet? Well I was.  Not at first but when you continue to pile more on your plate you only put half or less than half an effort in any one task; your constantly spinning and moving from one pile to the next.  So here I am to swipe the slate clean and start fresh and new with energy and passion for who I am and what I stand for.  To Be Continued…….


Just say NO to good ideas, say NO to great ideas. Keep the amount of things you focus on very small. Put enormous energy behind the one Grand Thing you CHOOSE.

Energy flows where the focus goes.  

Love and Light,


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